Akser Elektrik has a powerful and experienced site and management staff, composed of 10 engineers, 22 technicians, 12 electricity foremen and 22 other units. Through superior planning and site organization, large scale contracts can be realized with customer satisfaction and low costs, by more efficient work.

All installation and maintenance teams of Akser Elektrik;

  • Hold licenses to work hard and hazardous works,
  • Have a command over the occupational health and safety regulations,
  • Have awareness in working in flammable and explosive environments,
  • Are able to use ex-proof materials and hardware in explosive environments,
  • Are experienced in dust-proof and water-proof materials, hardware and systems and their IP classifications,
  • Have a command over the fire and earthquake regulations,
  • Do not surpass any special measures and applications, other than the general conditions listed above, of the facility where they work.

Our site and project department employees, from engineers to foremen, are subjected to training once a year, by A-class occupational safety specialist engineers and are certified.

Plus, all our employees are examined by a private medical center every 6 months, within the scope of the occupational health regulation, and the team leaders receive a first-aid training following each examination.

The sectors where we offer contract services;

  • Organized Industrial Zones,
  • Power Generation Plants,
  • Oil and Chemistry,
  • Heavy Industry (Mining, Cement, etc.)
  • Production Industry (Automotive, Textile, Food-Beverage, etc.)
  • Hospitals, Hotels and Residences,
  • Smart Buildings and High-rise Buildings.