Akser Elektrik, as a company offering design and project, installation and contract, test and commissioning, maintenance and operation, and consultancy services for electrical systems, meets the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety, and the ISO 14001:2004 Environment Management System standards.

  • To apply customer-focused quality service and perfection principles, by prioritizing energy savings and safety at all stages of our services, and in the meantime, following up on the technology in order to meet the customer expectations at the highest possible level,
  • To create a participatory environment that is open to change by all employees and to protect the right of the employees to happiness; to establish a friendship and family union between the company and its customers, and take care to ensure the sustainability of reliable communications,
  • To achieve the defined objectives by applying a process approach and by establishing, implementing, reviewing by the management and continually improving the effectiveness of the Quality Management System,
  • To generate work plans that combine functional and process approaches, and team work by coordinating the responsibilities, to keep the path to individual creativity while accepting that team work will provide high efficiency, to evaluate the improvement recommendations that may be received and ensure the implementation of favorable, noteworthy recommendations,
  • Through the participation of all employees, not to be satisfied by our current position and assume continual improvement at every point as our essential principle and conduct team work to ensure continual improvement in all activities that add value,
  • To analyze the data obtained through our experiences and to optimize the performances of our processes and systems and prevent problems,
  • To develop strategic partnerships with the subcontractors and suppliers, with whom we have mutual benefit-based relations, and to increase the competences of our subcontractors and suppliers within the scope of the company`s efforts for continual improvement.


Our Company has established an Occupational Health and Safety policy, which clearly demonstrates the OHS objectives and the commitment to improve OHS performance, approved by our top management.

Our organization has taken the following criteria into consideration, while building our OHS policy:

  • The policies and objectives of our organization related to its business as an entirety
  • The OHS hazards of our organization
  • Statutory and other requirements
  • The requirements of customers, visitors and the other related parties that may be present within the borders of the business
  • The past and present OHS performance in our organization
  • Opportunities and requirements for continual improvement
  • Required resources
  • Contribution by the employees
  • Contribution by the suppliers and the other third party personnel


  • To share the general environment-related approaches with our employees, to ensure their adoption of correct approaches to the environment and our team.
  • To comply with our legal obligations, the applicable ENVIRONMENT, OHS statutes and the requirements of organizations, which we are members of.
  • To work without damaging ecological balance.
  • To ensure that the wastes are minimized at their sources, are recovered and recycled if possible, and the elimination of the wastes that cannot be evaluated by using compatible methods.
  • To ensure the efficient use of energy, raw materials and natural resources.
  • To follow up on the technological advances in our sector concurrently with the world, to meet the requirements and expectations of our customers by our management staff and trained, up-to-date personnel, in compliance with the management system requirements.