As Akser Elektrik, we strive to be the best in quality, trust, service, supplier and dealer relations, product and service options, and to maintain our reputation. Deriving power and lessons from the past, we aim to be a leader in our field, depending on wisdom and science, while protecting our moral values at the same time.

Our objective is to create resources for continual development. We always keep using our resources rationally and do not make any compromises to wastefulness, in order to realize the investments required to ensure the continuity of our services, and also to contribute in the economic and social development of the society.

The basis of our business relations are: Trust, goodwill, understanding, high-quality operation. We accept that reliability, honesty, goodwill and understanding, compliance with the laws and ethics rules in all our relationships is not a luxury, but is an obligation that constitutes the foundations of business life.

Our most important duty is to contribute to the society. While realizing all of these, we intend to fulfill our liabilities to the present and future generations in the economic, social and environmental areas, and to contribute to the society where we live in many respects.

Our most important capital is our human resources. The quality of our products and services start with the quality of our employees. Our services are offered by acting with a customer-focused team spirit based on Perfectionism, Honesty, Entrepreneurship, Long-sightedness, Dynamism, Devotion, Knowledge and Respect to the environment and man.


Team Spirit

Our work and duties are within the framework of mutual and continual trust and respect. We work beyond limits, departments and job definitions. Team, trust and ability are our key words.

Customer First

With detailed knowledge on the operation models of its customers, Akser Elektrik focuses on creating added value for the customers. The customer is at the center of the whole values chain, from production and purchasing, research and development, sales, financing and up to the provision of services.

Respect for the Individual

Respect for the individual is developed by respecting the knowledge, experiences and ambitions of all employees, and by utilizing these to develop and improve the work methods. New ideas and inspirations emerge from the daily operations where the Akser Elektrik employees develop their own skills. And this helps us to ensure higher quality, efficiency and higher job satisfaction.

Customer Focus

Our objective is not only to find correct and lasting solutions for the problems of our customers in order to support their success, but also to be their innovative and reliable business partner.

We always aim to build a long lasting collaboration with our customers and teammates. Our competence lies in the fact that our staff is composed of experienced, honest and industrious individuals.


The satisfaction and profitability of its customers oblige Akser Elektrik to offer high quality products and services. By knowing the requirements of the customers in detail, Akser Elektrik continually improves the quality of its products and services. Any deviations are used as valuable sources of information for further advance, and are handled in well-established processes.

Result Focus

As Akser Elektrik employees, we are a company that works as focused on results and assuming the consistent achievement of objectives as an obligation.

Collaboration and solidarity culture, open-mindedness

To be beside our partners that we work with and our customers at all times, to meet their requests exactly and to inform them with all new ideas and investments in the advancing world market.


Our integrity is aimed for a sustainable future with the better work, the better is life philosophy. We use our gains for the social, cultural, commercial and technological development of the areas where our businesses are located and are serving. We aim to work for the society rather than the individual, and be the pioneer of developments paving the way for public awareness. We are sensitive to the society and man, with the awareness that each investment we make to the environment, society and man is a contribution to our development.


Our goal is to grow through initiative and innovation. We support initiative in decision making and give a chance to marginal solutions. The difference of our perspective is what makes us different. And moving a step further is our collective objective.